A) Annual Regular Course – on a fixed timetable – You can join or start a group anytime

2 Classes per week in a group (2 to 4 students) + 1 additional Pronunciation /Conversation or Portuguese Culture class per week
1 private class per week + 1 additional Pronunciation/ Conversation or Portuguese Culture class per week

B) Express Course – 20 classes - on a fixed timetable - You can choose your timetable and start anytime
Minimum of 5 classes per week alone or in a group up to 3 students + 1 additional pronunciation or conversation class per week

C) Package of Flexible Private Lessons - Private tuition at your pace
Pack of 10, 15, 20 or 40 classes 

Students can schedule the flexible lessons according to their needs. Lessons can be cancelled the day before until 7pm. 

Any other type of Course can be designed to suit your needs! Let us know what you are looking for.

All prices include IVA.

Each class duration: 50 minutes 


Our levels are based on the assessment grid of the European Reference Chart for Languages.

For the Portuguese Language Courses the following number of hours are required:

A1- Beginner                               A1/A2 - 96 hours

A2- Pre-Intermediate

B1- Intermediate                          B1/B2 - 96 hours

B2- Upper- Intermediate         

C1- Advanced                             C1 - 60 hours

C2- Superior                               C2 - 72 hours

The amount of hours required to complete each level also depends on each student or group, language ability, motivation and practice outside the classroom.